Academic Session

The academic session of the school runs from March through to the first week of December, with a short fortnight-long summer break beginning at the end of July. The long winter break stretches from the first week of December to the beginning of March. Owing to the substantial, three-month-long winter break, few public holidays are observed during the session.

Courses Of Study

In addition to the core subjects of the CBSE syllabus, such as English, Mathematics, Science, Hindi, Social Science, Sanskrit, and Punjabi, the school offers Computer Education, Art & Craft, Dance, and Music. The school curriculum for Computer Education begins at Grade I, which allows young students to quickly and easily understand the concepts. The school has also added German and French to its optional course offerings.


The School adheres to the CBSE guidelines and follows a continuous comprehensive evaluation system to assess students, ensuring maximum learning with minimal difficulty. Apart from regular class tests, students undergo four exams during the academic year. The first exam takes place in May, the second at the end of July, the third in September, and the final exam is held towards the end of November. The school provides a progress report card to parents with the results of each of the four exams. At the end of the year, a student’s percentage marks are based on all four exams, with 40% from the first two exams and 60% from the annual exam.

Extra Coaching

The school provides extra coaching classes for students who require them, at a nominal charge. Students who attend these classes will have two periods of 40 minutes each from 7:10 am to 8:30 am, while the rest of the school participates in early morning physical training.