Student Regulation

  • The School makes every endeavour to consistently help it’s students perform better. As such, students are expected to show steady progress. If however, a student performs poorly in spite of all help and assistance, he/she shall be liable for action deemed necessary by the School managing committee.

  • A student required to repeat the same grade may be asked to make room for another student more interested in their studies.
  • Children shall leave the School premises only with proper permission from the Chairman & Director or the Principal. Any student leaving campus without permission, shall do so at the parent’s risk and responsibility. He shall also render himself liable to significant disciplinary action and possible expulsion.
  • Students are not permitted to keep money on hand. If parents wish to leave pocket money, it must be deposited with the  Accountant or the Hostel-in-Charge.
  • Assessments and promotions shall be based on the cumulative performance of the student throughout the year.
  • With a view to impress the desirability of discipline, overstay of leave shall be liable to a fine, the rate of which will be determined by the School authorities on a case-by-case basis. 
  • All students are expected to reflect high moral qualities. Sufficient guidance will be rendered to channel the child’s conduct towards honesty and integrity. If however, a child persists with unsuitable behaviour, they may be liable to disciplinary proceedings. 


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