Admission Overview

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At the kindergarten level, students are admitted on the basis of the first-come, first-served for the number of seats available.

For all other classes i.e., class one onwards, students are required to appear for an Entrance Test. This test is held in October/November each year, for admission in the following academic year. Whilst the Entrance test forms the basis of selection, it is not the sole criterion and therefore does not guarantee admission. The school reserves the right to reject a prospective student.

Upon receiving a letter of confirmation of admission of their child, parents are required to send the first installment of the fees via PNB/SBI/HDFC bank draft in favor of “Chairman, Dalhousie Public School, Dalhousie” within fifteen days of the receipt of the confirmation letter. 


The Registration form is enclosed with the prospectus. This should be filled and returned to the school before the 10th of April.

The form should be accompanied by a passport size photograph of the student, an attested photocopy of the student’s date of birth certificate and a bank draft of Rs.8,000/- in favor of “Chairman, Dalhousie Public School, Dalhousie”. (This amount is neither refundable nor transferable and is applicable only for the year and session for which the child is applying).

The school will then inform the parents regarding the date of the Entrance Test. Students seeking admission from foreign countries must have a student Visa.


The documents mentioned below are required to be furnished at the time of admission in March of the following year :

  1. Admission form with photographs of parents/guardians and those permitted by the parents to visit the child and them out of the School Campus. 

  2. Copy of Aadhaar card
  3. A School Leaving certificate duly countersigned by the DEO/CBSE authorized signatory.
  4. A copy of the school regulations read and signed by the parent.
  5. A date-of-birth certificate.
  6. A physical fitness certificate from a physician.
  7. A fitness certificate from an eye specialist.
  8. A fitness certificate from a dentist.
  9. Student visa in case of the student arriving from a foreign country.

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